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Unannounced Multiplayer Game

Jan 2022
Work In Progress

A cross-platform multiplayer video game implemented from scratch, including a custom renderer and encrypted network protocol. A screenshot after one week of development:


September 2021
Work In Progress

A server implementation of a social network for field recording, implemented entirely in C. Currently in development.


October 2021

A web server implemented in C with the goal of being fast and stable. The basis of the design is that all potentially dangerous (or slow) actions are performed at start-up (binding sockets, file IO, memory allocations), and after this point the software can be left alone and expected to work correctly.

Graphics Collaboration

Feb 2021

Two collaborations with Edward Dowling on some graphics experiments. One is a visualisation of resonance based on observations of a Chladni plate experiment. The other is an exploration of generating geometric patterns according to various rules observed in Islamic artwork. The former is implemented entirely in a WebGL shader, the latter is implemented in JS using the Canvas API.


May 2020

A software renderer for simple 3D graphics in a single file, written in C. It aims to provide a simple API, with a small and easy to modify code base.

Lost Space

April 2019

A persistent virtual space using simple stateless procedural generation, inhabited by spaceships that tell your their thoughts as you fly by.


February 2019

Serial communication library for UNIX (macOS, Linux, BSD) and Windows. I wanted a simple cross-platform way to communicate with my Arduino (though it also works with any standard serial device), so I wrote this.

Screen Play

January 2019
Go, JavaScript

A text-based (and web-based) multi-player improvisational real-time text adventure game (and “engine”). Each player is given a character profile and a set of goals which they have to try to fulfil. The initial demo was built with a single scenario, but the project was constructed with the goal of supporting many different stories, each with its own set of characters and verbs. I used the explicit goals to incentivise role-play by rewarding players for the use of a character’s catch-phrase or for employing their speech patterns.

Quick UDP

December 2018
C, WinSock, BSD Sockets

A small and simple library that allows easy sending and receiving of UDP packets. It abstracts differences between WinSock and BSD sockets, and abstracts the socket model slightly further simplify their usage in the context of video games.


Mid 2018 (Ongoing)

A software-rendered 2.5D FPS (in the style of Wolfenstein 3D) with network multi-player.


Early–Mid 2018

Dissertation project for BSc Games Programming at Goldsmiths, University of London. It’s a simple rhythm game, implemented in C with the intent to build as many components of the software myself within the time constraints. In the end I wrote a memory allocator, software renderer, audio mixer, asset file reading and writing, and the game-play code for this project myself.

Landing Party

Early 2018
Escape Room (with additional software in C)
See the article.

An escape room built around the concept of limited communication. Players are split into two separate rooms and must use various limited communication channels to solve puzzles together. Built during my BSc in Games Programming.

Magic Hands

Mid 2017
Lua, Löve2D, LuaSocket

See my GitHub repositories for more.